Big Answers to Small Questions

Not afraid to state the obvious.

Pascagoula High School - Pascagoula MS (1988 - 1989)
University of New Orleans - New Orleans LA (1991 - 2000)
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee - Milwaukee WI (2005 - 2006)
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12th century, 19th century, 2112, a knight's tale, adam baldwin, agatha christie, alice in wonderland, animals, archie comics, arthuriana, asian action movies, asimov, asperger's syndrome, autism, autistic spectrum, battletech, beatles, billy joel, black adder, board games, boardgames, books, british comedy, british empire, c.j. cherryh, cadfael, celtic music, cheese, cheesecake, chivalry, chocolate, classical music, cooking, creativity, dr. watson, edenbridge, england, english civil war, equal rights, fandom, fanfic, fanfic writing, fantasy, fanzines, fapa, feminism, firefly, folk music, folklore, food, foreign language, france, games, gaming, geddy lee, geography, george r.r. martin, green arrow, gtd, harry potter, henry viii, hercule poirot, hiking, historical reenactment, history, huckleberry finn, human rights, intelligence, isaac asimov, j.r.r. tolkien, jacques barzun, jayne cobb, jayne/river, kevin keller, king arthur, kiss, lego, lewis carroll, little house, living history, lord of the rings, m.c.escher, margaret cho, mark twain, medieval, medieval history, medievalism, mensa, mercedes lackey, military history, minnesota wild, monty python, mozart, mythopoeic fiction, neil peart, painting miniatures, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, prog rock, progress, progressive metal, queen, rayne, reading, red barchetta, richard iii, river tam, robert heinlein, robert silverberg, role-playing, sca, science fiction, science fiction conventions, science fiction fandom, science fiction fanzines, scotland, sharon kay penman, sherlock holmes, sherlockiana, sir arthur conan doyle, social history, society for creative anachronism, space opera, squeaky wheel theory, star trek, star trek: ds9, star trek: tng, star wars, steampunk, strategy and tactics, subcultures, summer glau, test for echo, the fear trilogy, the gangster of boats, the tripods trilogy, timebinding, tolkien, tom sawyer, travel, travel writing, urban fantasy, valdemar, war of the roses, wine, writing, x-men, xena: warrior princess, ya fiction, zines
I am awesome (and I'd like to thank all the friends who've helped me be able to say that). Because I've taught myself to cook. Because I play the ukulele unironically. Because I go the extra mile for my friends. Because I call my mother at least once a week. Because I am a historian, and I am going to be a professional historian, and nothing life has thrown at me has been able to take away that dream, including raising 2 kids with multiple chronic medical problems. Because I love to cuddle. Because I'm not afraid to wear a silly hat in public. Because I've pubbed my ish. Because I know when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, and when to form my cavalry into a square. Because I'm always willing to learn something new. Because I lived to tell the tale. Because I do it my way. Because I'm willing to listen to what you have to say, and I expect the same courtesy from you.

Dramatis personae
Here are some people I will often refer to in this journal:
A.: My wife, lover, best friend, etc.
Z.: Our daughter, currently in high school.
L.: Our son, currently in elementary school.
Sylvie: Our dachshund.
E.: A friend of mine who often takes part in our adventures.

Feel free to poke around, but be aware that the majority of what I post is F-locked. If you'd like to be added, comment to any public entry letting me know you're here.

If you'd like to read my fanfics, you can find an organizational post here.
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